Miami Web Fest and Voting

It gives me great pleasure to announce that The Vagabond Tales season one will have its festival premiere at the 2015 Miami Web Fest in Miami, Florida, September 25-October 4th.

That's right, this bad boy is showing in Miami; still not sure why though...

That’s right, this bad boy is showing in Miami; still not sure why though…

This is a huge honor and a big step up for a quirky travel show about some bumbling idiot who tries to explore the world (read: me).  Nevertheless, it will be a great privilege to bring the show to a wider audience. Check out the episode that will be shown!

But before I burrow back into editing, a quick word.

There is a People’s Choice Award for the festival, where the winner gets $1,000 plus a giant trophy.  This could be a HUGE win for the show as it would allow extra money for financing and travel arrangements for season 3 (can you say Australia?), not to mention a ton of street cred that can help catapult the show to television.

But I need your help.  If you could, visit the voting website, type in your favorite web series (which should be The Vagabond Tales naturally, unless you found something better, and there is plenty to be had), and your email address.  They only allow one vote per person, so the more people you tell, the better.  If your friends have Facebook (which let’s face it, who doesn’t nowadays?), you can invite them to the event here.

Please help spread the word and help the show bring home a trophy!

Let's bring home the gold baby!

Let’s bring home the gold baby!