Travel Do Tuesday: The Ring Road

I haven’t talked about a place I’ve wanted to go for a while, so let’s update that bucket list!

I am going to…

Drive around Route 1 in Iceland.

Route 1, otherwise known as The Ring Road is the national road of Iceland and loops around the whole of the small country totaling 1,332 kilometers, or 828 miles.

The best times to do it are spring and autumn, when the highway is still open and the weather isn’t too bad yet, but also because of the Northern Lights.  Other highlights include blue ice, active volcanoes, and insanely pretty waterfalls.

Seriously, insanely pretty. Photo credit from Expert Vagabond.

Now as a clarification of the above affirmation statement, I am going to drive around Route 1 with a camper van.  The reason for this is two-fold: not only are all the vans equipped with studded tires but they come with beds, running water, and a heating system; this way I’m not racing to the next town so that I’m not spending the night out in the cold.

If you’d like a first-hand account of the do’s and don’ts of how to drive around this iconic road, I’d suggest checking out Expert Vagabond’s post on it.  He has a lot of great how-to’s, from what to expect to how much you need to spend on gas (hint: fill up when you can, and set aside some cash).

I’ll just post some more of his photos down here; words truly cannot describe it.

Photo credit: Expert Vagabond


Photo credit: Expert Vagabond


Lights and the Northern Lights. Photo credit: Expert Vagabond