Travel Tuesday: Briggs and Riley

TDT is back with a vengeance!  And today I have a wonderful new product for everyone to check out.
I am going to…
Enjoy my new Briggs and Riley bag!  Briggs and Riley is a specialty luggage brand that was introduced in 1993 as an offshoot of their parent company, U.S. Luggage LLC.  If that last name sounds familiar it’s because U.S. Luggage has been around for over 100 years and is credited with many innovations, including the wheeled luggage many of us use today.

Pretty Luggage

Briggs and Riley is renowned the world over for their “customer first” philosophy, with one of their main draws being a “Simple as That” lifetime warranty.  This means that whomever damages your bag (you, the airline, your buddy who threw your brand new suitcase in the pool because he had four Mai Thais and did it on a dare) the company will fix it, no questions asked.  These bags are the preferred choice of all kinds of people, from Director J.J. Abrams to George Clooney (yeah, that George Clooney).

Super hot genius wife sold separately

Since The Vagabond Tales is in the middle of an expansion process (more on that later), I decided to reach out and see if I could do a review on one of their bags from their new collection, Kinzie Street, an urban design geared towards young and young at heart professionals that can go with you on the road or go with you from the office to the gym and then out for drinks.  But until the review comes out, why don’t you just mosey onto Briggs and Riley’s site and drool over their sexy luggage.