Travel Do Tuesday: Andrew Zimmern

I’m very interested in this next guy, just because of what he does on his show.

I am going to…

Meet Andrew Zimmern.  This gentleman has led a very interesting life, a literal rags to riches story (check out Tim Ferriss’ podcast with him to know more) but he’s most well-known for his show Bizarre Foods, where he tries different dishes that Americans would consider exotic, and using this as a bridge to learn about different countries and cultures.

I’m particularly interested in seeing how he felt about Stinky Tofu, as he couldn’t eat it, but I could.  So Andrew if you find yourself in the LA area soon, hit me up on Twitter @tvagabondtales and we can go to 626 Asian Market.  I’ll buy you some Stinky Tofu.

Bringing food and culture together since 2006.

Bringing food and culture together since 2006.