A Thought on The Human Condition

I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about something.

Travelling is a wonderful thing. It’s allowed me to see beautiful sights that before I had only seen in photos and in my imagination. Traveling has allowed me to try some incredible food, as well as meet some amazing people. I’ve seen but a fraction of a glimpse of a morsel that this world has to offer.

But few things have surprised me more than the love that I’ve received from total strangers. From a kindly Japanese woman giving me directions to an Illinois native giving me a personalized tour of her hometown to being shown how to eat exotic food by a guide in Abu Dhabi, people are capable of amazing generosity and compassion.

Some people are capable of great negativity, but that is but a small fraction of the human condition.  We are capable of so much more.  Stand against hatred and bigotry by travelling, showing support and solidarity, and helping people.  Because you never know when someone may truly need it.

#solidarity #compassionincrisis

Stand together in the face of all who are lost, and honor their memory by taking care of each other. From roseramblesdotorg.